Kicking Shield – GEL


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Tiger Pro All new and advanced packed and loaded with the GEL Advantage! Exclusive Gel Enforced Lining® makes for the most protective, shock-absorbing, ultra-comfortable, anatomically correct and top-of-the-line punch and kick shields available. Incredible 7″ of multi-layer special cell padding protects and absorbs, while the more than 1/2″ GEL layer offers the utopia in performance, impact resistance and shock suppression. Tough and durable canvas backed vinyl cover is rugged and built to last. Four increased GEL infused rear nylon handles are expertly aligned to allow both vertical and horizontal targets. In addition, GEL nylon handles at the top and two sides offer the trainer a multitude of target options with intense comfort. Experience the advanced premier striking shield where both the trainer and athlete are blessed with the GEL Advantage!

Size: 25″x15″x17″

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