Vale Tudo Shorts


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Compression shorts are manufactured from highly stretchable and abrasion and tear resistant material. The flat lock seams and an anatomical cut allow optimum freedom of movement. The super stretchable triple reinforced fabric encourages maximum mobility.

Features: Designed with smooth waist and cuff edge flat-seams for anti-flushing. Anatomical cut allows maximum freedom of movement making them ideal for sparring, grappling, rolling and MMA workouts.
Reduce muscle soreness during post workout recovery by maintaining body temperature through thermal compression, allows smooth circulation of the blood, facilitates metabolism of the abdominal, hence reducing muscle movement and vibration.
Reliably protects your body from overcooling in humid conditions. The compressional shorts conforms to the body for serious weight loss.
Breathable stretch fabric boxers, being resistant to tear, great tensile strength, resilience and fast-drying performance integrated with an ultimate desirable weight to boot. The soft fabric makes these training shorts a breeze to wear.